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  • Capacitor duty contactors with wide range from 12.5 kVAr to 100 kVAr Single unit, equipped with Pre-charge Resistors to damp the inrush currents up to 100 times rated current.
  • Voltage range: 400…690 V.
  • Utilization category AC6b.
  • Excellent damping of inrush current.
  • Improved power quality (e.g. avoidance of voltage sags).
  • Longer useful service life of main contacts of capacitor contactor.
  • Soft switching of capacitor and thus longer useful service life.
  • Enhanced mean life expectancy of PFC system.
  • Reduced ohmic losses.
  • Leading contacts with wiper function.
  • Tamper-proof and protected resistors.
  • Easy access for cable connection.