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  • Movement detectors are electronic switches controlled by a passive infrared sensor being sensitive to heat radiations emitted by moving people. The movement detector activates the connected devices (ex. lamp activation) when detects a movement within its covered area; it will be deactivated with a time delay adjusted by the user.
  • An adjustable photocell lighting sensor inhibits the activation of lighting according to environmental brightness.
  • Presence/Motion Detectors available in Wall Mounted, Indoor, Outdoor, Flush mounted & Roof Mounted Versions.
  • Detection up to 24m & 360 degrees available in different models.
  • Delay time after detection programmable.
  • The detectors are used to switch on the lights in premises that are used only for brief periods: garages, access paths and entrances to houses, arcades, staircases, corridors, toilets, etc.