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Energy Management Systems

We Implement Energy Management Systems in New or Existing (Retrofitting) installation as per EN50160 standards and Local Authorities such as Estidama.

Key Features for our Energy Management Systems are as mentioned below:

  • Manage electric demand to reduce peak load.
  • Optimize energy usage.
  • Identify and prioritize energy conservation projects, including lights, motors, HVAC, refrigeration, steam/hot water systems, air compressors and waste heat recovery.
  • Assist in making informed decisions on total lifecycle costs of new equipment purchases, including rebates, new technologies, and anticipated future energy costs.
  • Client specific customized reports.
  • Plug & play enterprise level SCADA product.
  • Multi-user login, password protection for data acquisition.
  • Online monitoring of all feeders and Auto mailing facility of generated reports.
  • Programming of individual alarms based on priority.
  • Load Shedding/Load Monitoring Systems can be implemented with the same devices & software.