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Harmonic/Power Quality Analysis

We offer a broad range of services in power quality solutions such as:

  • Site surveys, on-site power quality data logging and harmonic analysis.
  • Detailed study of reactive power, power factor and existing harmonic pattern in the system.
  • Simulation of electrical networks and systems and carrying out harmonic penetration studies.
  • Solutions to improve power factor and mitigate harmonics as per IEEE 519 standards.
  • Implementing the recommended solutions and verifying the results by doing re-analysis to ensure optimized system performance with fastest payback.
  • Installation, programming and commissioning of harmonic mitigation equipment such as active and passive harmonic filters.
  • Comprehensive training covering topics such as the fundamentals of power quality and hands on product training. We also offer on-site training at customer facilities.
  • Design & recommend optimal solutions based on measured data.