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Perry Electric is an Italian company that develops and manufactures electrical appliances for controlling time, energy, climatic comfort, gas safety and for the future of the domotic house, wireless telephones with built-in video entry-phone and video control functions, as well as heat accounting and temperature control systems.
Perry makes use of state of art equipment for manufacturing and testing. All perry products comply with European and international standards and are 100% inspected.


  1. Electro-Mechanical Time Switches.
  2. Digital Time Switches.
  3. Astronomical Time Switches.
  4. Staircase Timers.
  5. Photocell.
  6. Motion & Presence Detector.
  7. Wired & Wireless Temperature Control Equipments.
  8. Chrono-thermostats
  9. Gas Detectors & Valves.
  10. Telephone Programmers.
  11. Impulse & Industrial Relays.
  12. Digital Time Relays.
  13. Level Regulators.